Holistic coaching and counseling

Do you want

  • to be more yourself
  • have better intimate and family relationships 
  • overcome your limitations and bad habits
  • be more professional in working with people?

I offer

  • Individual therapies and counseling 
  • Pedagogical advisory
  • Lectures and workshops

Individual therapies

Psychophonetics is a modern tool of personal development. As a psychophonetic counselor, I will guide you through difficult life situations and help you find your own solution. Through empathic conversation and perception of your body, you will see for yourself what is happening and then make the desired changes.

My approach is


In a safe environment, with deep empathy, without judgement and criticism.


The client and the counselor work together in an equal collegial relationship


Harmonises mind, soul and body

Meet yourself and be guided by your heart. I will respectfully join you on an adventurous journey for truth, knowledge and positive change.

Clients' recommendations

For me, the clear sign of the effectiveness of the whole process is the ease and certainty with which I am able to make a decision today and stand firm in it, no matter what anyone else thinks. I realized that saying NO to others often means saying YES to yourself. The important fact, which I now perceive retrospectively, is the sincere decision to resolve things, the will and the subsequent action.
Unlike others, I found a more sensitive feminine approach in Blanka, I felt understood by her. After the meeting, I am often tired, but always relieved - it motivates me, even though I deal with serious or even scary topics for me. And I have literally tangible results, I manage to translate solutions and decisions into my real life
I felt that this was what could help me with my troubled relationship with my partner. I did not know what to expect, so I was in anticipation. Relaxed atmosphere and questions helped me see herself in various forms, I was amazed of what I was able to see. I have to say that after the therapy I felt as if a stone had fallen from my heart, I felt amazing

Pedagogical advisory

How to raise and educate children? Children themselves are a book from which we need to learn to read. The child does not adhere to development tables or pedagogical textbooks. They develops according to their needs and possibilities. At the same time, human development takes place according to certain regularities, that are good to know and understand.

The most important person for a child is the parent. I will help you see yourself and your child better and understand what is happening. Together we will find ways to improve the situation.

For more than 10 years, I have been intensively involved in Waldorf pedagogy through kindergarten work, adult education, counseling and public events.

By combining Waldorf pedagogy and psychophonetics, I try to contribute to families to live in a more harmonious and loving way. 

Lectures and workshops

I give lectures on pedagogical topics such as the „terrible twos“, boundaries, changes in the child’s development, kindergarten and school readiness, and on self-development topics. Contact me or see the Events.